Cenote Diving Tour

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Dive with a Cave Diver into the famous underwater caverns of the Riviera Maya. Experience new and exciting dive conditions such as Deep Dives with mysterious Hydrogen sulfide Clouds and otherworldly Haloclines. Behold beautiful Cave Decorations with Incredible Lighting. This is an experience exclusively available in rare parts of the world where the long rivers that run underneath the Earth and be accessed by the large holes in the jungle called Cenotes.

Prices to dive different cenotes are based on their distance from Playa del Carmen and Entrance fees. Every cenote is unique and their features appeal differently to different people, but the highly priced cenotes aren't necessarily "better" than the cheaper ones. 

Prices Include: Two Cenote Dives, Cave Guide, Full Equipment, Transportation (Hotel Pick-Up in Playa del Carmen Centro area), Cenote Entrance Fees, Snacks, Light Lunch and Refreshments 

Duration: 6 - 8 hours   8:00am hotel pick-up within Playa del Carmen Centro area

We accept only USD cash or Mexican Peso cash. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Prices below are for 2 tank dive tour Minimum 2 divers or 1 diver plus $30
*3 tank dive tour  Plus US$50 Minimum 1 diver
A area US$130 1 diver Plus $30 
  • Chac Mool  2 dive sites (Kukulkan & Chac Mool)
B area US$160 1 diver Plus $30 
  • Tajma Ha
  • Jardin del Eden Closed on Saturdays
  • Chikin Ha Closed on Saturdays
C area US$170 1 diver Plus $30
  • Dos Ojos  2 dive sites (Barbie Line & Bat Cave)
  • Dos Ojos 1 dive + 1 different cenote  Total 2 dives  US$180
D area US$180 1 diver Plus $30
E area US$190 1 diver Plus $30
  • The Pit  (30m/100ft Deep Dive) + 1 different cenote
  • Car Wash
  • Calavera
  • Angelita (30m/100ft Deep Dive)
F area US$200 1 diver Plus $30

 NEW!!  For Advanced divers
 ・Zapote (30m/100ft Deep Dive) + Siete Bocas (30m/100ft Deep Dive) Total 2 dives  

Add a Third Dive! Plus US$50 Minimum 1 diver

Cancellation policy 
Cancellations received with 3 days or more prior to the departure of the activity booked will not incur in a cancellation fee.
Cancellation within 1 day prior to Dive date: 100% fee is charged 
Cancellation 2 days prior to Dive date: 50% fee is charged

Popular tour examples

Chac Mool 2 dives ( Kukulkan + Little Brother)  Total 2 dives  US$130

Chac Mool 2 dives + Tajma Ha  Total 3 dives  US$210

Chikin Ha + Tajma Ha  Total 2 dives US$160

Chikin Ha + Jardin del Eden + Tajma Ha  Total 3 dives US$210 

The Pit + Dos Ojos (Barbie Line & Bat Cave) Total 3 dives US$230

Angelita + Calavera + Dream Gate  Total 3 dives US$240

Zapote + Siete Bocas  Total 2 dives   US$200

Flying after diving guidelines

It is required that divers are out of the water at least 18 hours from their most recent dive before flying.