Chac Mool and Kukulkan

Distance from Playa: 16.1 Miles / 26 Kilometers
Travel Time: 25 Minutes
Max Depths: 50 Feet / 15 Meters

If you're interested in giving the cenotes in Playa a try and are drawn to the lighting effects of the cenotes look no further! Chac Mool and Kukulkan are sister cenotes just outside of Playa del Carmen. Due to it's close proximity it is one of the most accessable and popular cenote dives in the area!

Don't let the economic price tag fool you, these are stunning cenotes with some of the best light shows around! On a day with clear weather and during a morning dive Kukulkan has a spectacular curtain of light that spans most of the dive site!

These sights feature more than just great lighting. Chac Mool has several pockets filled with stalagmites and stalagtites as well as an enclosed airdome that is only acessable to divers! Kukulkan has window-like shelves that divers can look into and see extremely well perserved cave decoration.

Both dive sites feature haloclines where the fresh and salt water meet and create a fascinating blurring effect.

No Underwater camera allowed since July 2017

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