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Cenote Diving

★ All prices are in USD
★ Prices are based on the distance from Playa del Carmen to Cenote and Entrance Fees
★ 2 dive tour Minimum 2 divers or 1 diver extra US$30
★ 3 dive tour Minimum 1 diver
★ Private tour requests from US$400~
Please see more details here 

Chac Mool (Kukulkan & Little Brother) 2 dives US$140
Chac Mool 2 dives + Tajma Ha  Total 3 dives  US$210
Jardin del Eden + Tajma Ha  2 dives US$170
Dos Ojos (Bat Cave & Barbie Line) 2 dives US$170
Dos Ojos 1 dive + 1 different cenote  Total 2 dives   US$190
Car Wash + Tajma Ha 2 dives US$200
↓Available on the 2nd or later day of your dive trips with us  
The Pit + Dos Ojos 2 dives  Total 3 dives   US$230
Angelita + 1 different cenote   2 dives US$210
Angelita + 2 different cenotes  Total 3 dives  US$260
Zapote + Maravilla  2 dives US$210

We accept USD cash or Mexican Peso cash only. 
No credit card 

Prices Include: Two or Three Cenote Dives, Cave Guide, Full Equipment, Transportation (Hotel Pick-Up in Centro Playa del Carmen), Cenote Entrance Fees, Lunch and Refreshments 

Cozumel Diving

$180 Boat Dive in Cozumel

  • Minimum 2 Divers or 1 divers with extra US$30
  • 2 boat dives in Cozumel
  • Meet at the Ferry Terminal Playa del Carmen at 7:40am
  • 8 A.M. to 5 P.M
  • Shallow and deep dives available

Price Includes: Two Dives, Dive Guide, Full Equipment, Lunch, Ferry to and from Cozumel, Transportation on Cozumel, Boat/National Park Fees

We accept only USD cash or Mexican Peso cash. 

Diving Courses

$570/$600(1 student)       >>see the course details
 Casa Cenote and Cozumel
 PADI Open Water Course

  • Minimum one student. Maximum TWO students.
  • Classroom, Confined Water Learning Session and Two Dives in Casa Cenote
  • Two ocean dives in Cozumel
  • Best diving destinations in the Yucatan!

Price Includes: PADI eLearning, Certification Fee, Instruction, Full Equipment, Lunch and Refreshments, Transportation Costs, Controlled Water Session, Two Cozumel Ocean and Two Cenote Dives

We accept only USD cash or Mexican Peso cash. 


Discover Scuba Diving (for non-certified divers)

$180 Discover Scuba Diving in Casa Cenote

  • Minimum 2 Divers, Maximum 4 divers, 1person Extra $30
  • 1 shallow dive in the Mangrove cenote ( Casa Cenote)
  • Hotel pick-up within Playa del Carmen centro area
  • 8 A.M. to 3 P.M. 

Price Includes: English speaking Instructor, Full Equipment, Light Refreshments, Cenote Entrance Fees, and Transportation to/from Cenote. 

We accept only USD cash or Mexican Peso cash. 

$200 Discover Scuba Diving in Cozumel

  • Beach Dive at Chankanaab National Park
  • Minimum 2 Divers, Maximum 4 divers, 1person Extra $30
  • 1 beach dive 
  • 7:40am Ferry terminal 

Price Includes: 1 Beach dive, Enligh speaking Instructor, Full Equipment, Snacks, National Park Entrance Fees, Ferry 

We accept only USD cash or Mexican Peso cash. 

$370 Discover The Highlights 2Days - Cenote and Cozumel Boat!

  • Two day Experience!
  • Minimum two Diver, Maximum 4 divers
  • One Dive in Casa Cenote on the 1st day
  • Two dives at primier dive sites off the boat in Cozumel on the 2nd day

Price Includes: Instructor, Full Equipment, Entrance Fees, Boat Fees, Transportation, Light Lunch and Refreshments

We accept only USD cash or Mexican Peso cash.