Vegetarian Restaurant : La Senda

  • Posted on: 25 September 2017
  • By: adminscubafreedom

I went out for lunch with my Japanese friends today. One lives in Tulum and another is visiting Playa del Carmen.
You know what we do when 3 girls get together is TALKING!!!  We talked for hours!!!
But none of the restaurant staff gave us any pressure on us to leave. Very polite and pleasant. 


Here is Vegetarian, more specifically Vegan restaurant called " La Senda"

I am not a vegetarian. I am meat lover!!   But we all felt like having something healty and light today.
This place looks pretty and we decided to check it out. 


Drinks we ordered.

Smoothies  30pesos 

Green:Jugo Verde(Green Juice)
Cactus, spinach, celery, parsley, pineapple, OJ
I had it. very refreshing and delish!

Yellow:Passion fruit & OJ

White:Lemonade (My friend ordered it without sugar) 


Portobello Burger   70pesos
Huge and fat Portobello in the middle!! 


Pure Protein 100pesos
Super food - Quinoa, Spirulina pesto, spinach, tomato, avocado, sprout



Warm Salad 120pesos
Quinoa, Portobello, Red paprika, Kale, Almond "cheese"  


They also have Veggetti using zuccinni and carrot. They looked very yummy and I'd like to try that next time.


When you get tired of High calories, oily mexican food, I am sure you would appreciate this restaurant!!  
Highly recommended. 

La Senda
【address】Av10,  between Calle10 and 12
【map】→Google Map
【hour】8:30am~10:30pm every day



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