If your buddy is not certified diver...

  • Posted on: 10 December 2021
  • By: adminscubafreedom

Had a blast with this cute couple for 2 days!

She is not certified and wanted to try scuba.
He is certified and wanted to go cenote diving.

So I arranged 2-day private plan,
Discover Scuba on Day 1 and
cavern diving & guided snorkel into the cave tour on Day 2!

Discover Scuba is one day program for non certified people.

We usually go to Casa Cenote.

The instructor will give you basic Scuba
theory briefing, basic Scuba underwater skills.

Then jump in the water and practice those skills.
After that going to underwater exploration!

It is NOT certification training but your non certified
buddies will be able to try diving with you!
Please see the details here!


This is their 2nd day at Cenote Dos Ojos.
She enjoyed snorkeling during our 1st dive.

After he made 2 dives there, 
we all went snorkeling into the cave "Bat Cave"
which is air dome where lots of bats live!

We made the most of it!!



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