Travel during this pandemic from USA

  • Posted on: 15 September 2020
  • By: adminscubafreedom

I’d like to share my personal experience while I was traveling back to Mexico from the US during this pandemic.

The travel date is Sep 8, 2020.

I flew from Anchorage,AK to Seattle then Redeye to Atlanta. After that finally Cancún. All of these airports required wearing masks.

The 1st photo is taken at Atlanta airport while I was waiting for my flight to Cancun at the gate.
I flew with Delta.


The 2nd one is on the plane from the last row. Mask is required during whole duration of the flight except for drinking water and having snacks. They gave every passenger sanitizing wipes so that we could wipe seat belt buckles, touch panels, tables etc...

Now the airlines block the middle seats and the flight to Cancun was pretty much full.

Once arrived in Cancun, I saw other US aircrafts like Southwest and Spirit. We went thru the immigration first. Not much waiting time at all. Moved forward pretty fast. Everyone seemed to enter Mexico with no problem.

No test result documents, no screening, no questionnaire fill out, no test, no quarantine required.

Once got out of the airport, a lot of the transportation services were waiting for their customers and everyone was wearing face mask.


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