Dos Ojos

Distance from Playa: 34.2 Miles / 55 Kilometers
Travel Time: 50 Minutes
Max Depths: 25 Feet / 8 Meters

Dos Ojos is one of the most famous cenotes for cavern dives in the Riveria Maya with possiblity for 2 separate dives.

Both cavern lines have an extensive, shllow depth, well decorated cenote system where divers will can have long, beautiful dives and the feeling that they have really experienced an entirely new subterranean world.

One possible dive at Dos Ojos, the Barbie Line, is a two part long dive with nice cave decorations.  On the way in you will experience a more open, well lit cavern then on the way out you'll experience a darker and deeper cavern that really gives you the feeling of being inside the earth. The Barbie Line is one of the longest cenote dives available.


Another dive at Dos Ojos, the Bat Cave, features an air dome within the cenote that is home to tons of bats! When you shine your dive light up you are guaranteed to see tons bats at home waiting until nighttime so they can catch some mosquitos for dinner. Other than the Bat Cave divers have a nice dive through many very beautiful geological features.

Tips for Building your own Dive Adventure Package

  • Two possible dives (The Barbie Line and The Bat Cave)
  • Just as amazing with or without sunlight, and any time of the day
  • Divers should be comfortable with boyancy control to dive here

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