To Playa Del Carmen from STT - Day 2: Cozumel

  • Posted on: 12 October 2016
  • By: adminscubafreedom

Day Two of the STT to Mexico fiesta was spent on Cozumel.

We caught the 8 A.M. ferry to Cozumel and went straight to the New Marine to hop on The Maria Luna for a great day of diving.

First dive was on the Santa Rosa wall. Endless sheer reef filled with sea life in 200ft+ visibility? YES PLEASE!

After a tasty and refreshing lunch we got ready to jump in for round two.
Next dive we did a reef and half! The last half of Yucab and all of Tormentos.
(First photo below is a cute baby trunkfish!)

After the dives we got some tasty drinks at Fat Tuesdays while the rest of the team did some shopping.

(I swear I wasn't trying to ruin our group shot, it comes by me naturally -Domenic)
Come back tomorrow for some Cenote Photos I'm really excited to share!

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