Casa Cenote

Distance from Playa: 37.3 Miles / 60 Kilometers

Travel Time: 60 Minutes
Max Depths: 33 Feet / 10 Meters

Casa Cenote is a Mangrave Cenote which makes it incredibly unique.

Mangroves are trees that grow around the riverlike cenote and their roots are totally flooded . The numerous tangled roots above ground form dense thickets and create an underground cenote jungle for divers to explore.

Most reef fish go to the cenotes to give birth because the extensive mangrave root systems offer the best protection against predators. Due to this Casa Cenote will, by far, have the most life diversity of all the cenotes. Divers will see large groups of baby fish, as well as the birds and other animals that go to the cenote to hunt them.

The cenote is the most open cenote. Almost all of the cenote isn't in an overhead environment like the other cenotes and offers direct access to the surface. This makes Casa Cenote the best choice for brand new divers or people who may be nervous to journey into the earth where they can't pop straight up to the surface in an emergency.

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  • Most life of all the cenotes
  • Great cenote for begginers or divers nervous about overhead environments
  • Just as amazing with or without sunlight, and any time of the day