Distance from Playa: 34.2 Miles / 55 Kilometers
Travel Time: 45 Minutes
Max Depths: 50 Feet / 15 Meters

Dreamgate is the most thoroughly decorated cenote.

From the beginning to end you will see stalagtites covering the entire cieling, and stalamites blankiting the entire ground.  The entire dive has the atmosphere of a deep cave.

Dreamgate is one of the most beautiful, but also one of the most challenging cenote dives. The cavern is small and all of the decorations are very fragile. Divers need to be comfortable in very tight places for a long time, and need to be able to really control their boyancy so they aren't accidentally damaging old irreplacable stalagtites.

Due to these factors we can't take divers into this cenote until we are very confident in their diving abilities.

Tips for Building your own Dive Adventure Package

34.2 Miles / 55 Kilometers

  • Just as amazing with or without sunlight, and any time of the day
  • Long dives and TOP NOTCH cave decoration
  • We can only take divers when we are already familiar with their diving ability