Tajma Ha

Distance From Playa: 18.6 Miles / ​30 Kilometeres
Travel Time: 35 Minutes
Max Depth: 50 Feet / 15 Meters

Tajma Ha is a dive where you will actually experience 3 cenotes!

You will descend into Cenote Taj Maha, where there are some decorations and, to the careful eye, fascinating fossils.

During the swim to the next cenote you will experience a halocline where the salt water meets the fresh water and creates a cinematic blurring effect. It is amazing when your dive buddy descends a few feet and seemingly disappears into the water!


In Sugar Bowl Cenote divers will experience some of the best lighting effects around, see the roots and vines from the jungle hang down into the cenote, and can even pop up to the surface and take a look around the air dome.  

Last is Cenote Esmeralda where divers can look up and see the cenote become a long, narrow gate into the heart of the jungle. This creates one of the most surreal juxtapositions imaginable, and it's all completely real and natural.

Tips for Building your own Dive Adventure Package

  • Suitable for divers of all skill levels
  • Best dived around noon 
  • Choice photography location


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