Distance from Playa: 49.7 Miles / 80 Kilometers
Travel Time: 70 Minutes
Max Depths: 100 Feet / 30 Meters

Angelita is an incredible deep dive.

Divers submerge to find themselves immediately inside a cylinder so perfectly formed it seems impossible it could have been created by nature.  The bottom of the cylinder is over 50 meters deep!  

Resting around 30 meters is a giant mound of leaves from the jungle as well as several fallen trees, and surrounding them a hydrogen sulfide cloud so thick many initially believe it to be the bottom of the cenote!.

The combination of crystal clear water, perfectly crafted cylinder, thick hydrogen sulfide cloud, and interesting shapes from the trees make this the perfect cenote to snap a perfect photo.

There is a fee to use big size underwater cameras ( DSLRs,  Video cameras)  500 pesos
GoPro, Compact cameras no charge.

Tips for Building your own Dive Adventure Package

  • The best hydrogen sulfide cloud of all the cenotes
  • Divers must be Advanced Open Water or equivalent
  • One of few Cavern Deep Dives
  • Great photo opportunities