The Pit

Distance from Playa: 36 Miles / 58 Kilometers
Travel Time: 55 Minutes
Max Depths: 100 Feet / 30 Meters

The Pit is one of the deepest dives available to recreational divers.

After entry divers will descend approximately 30 meters straight down. At this depth they will find a milky hydrogen sulfide cloud that on some days appears almost as a false bottom, and looking up will see the rays of sun shining from above.  The divers will find a fallen tree coming out from the sulfide creating an exciting, but almost chilling atmosphere.  

The Pit is not only a fantastic diving experience, but an intriguing historical experience. Around the cenote are relics such as bones and pottery from the various ice age animals and peoples.

 There is a fee to use big size underwater cameras ( DSLRs,  Video cameras)  300 pesos
GoPro, Compact cameras no charge.

Tips for Building your own Dive Adventure Package

  • One of two cenotes with a hydrogen sulfide cloud
  • Divers must be Advanced Open Water or equivalent
  • One of few Cavern Deep Dives

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