Cenote diving trip to Jardin del Eden

  • Posted on: 28 September 2017
  • By: adminscubafreedom

It's been a while since last dive in Cenote Jardin del Eden.
I was a little worried about the weather as it was raining the night before.
And the weather, sun light , matters in this cenote!



I have been so lucky with the sun light!!  I have missed the light only once since I started guiding cenotes.
That was the tours during the tropical strom week.


Cenote Eden has very wide light effect like curtains on the sunny days!
The light effect in Eden is similar to one of the most popular Cenotes "Chac Mool". 
Usually Eden has much less divers and you can enjoy relaxing dive.


You will find fossils of shells and coral everywhere!
This is the evidence tha Yucatan peninsula used to be under the sea.


Cenote Eden has big open surface and attracts many snorkelers too.
A lot of fish in the water such as Sailfin Molly.  When male fish are intimidating each other or male is chasing female, they open their massive fin like sail!!!


As metioned above, Cenote Eden has large open area. If you are bigginer divers or have not dived for long time and feel apprehensive about going into the dark cavern area right way, please let us know and we will try to bring you here and take some time to check your bouyancy and practice swimming before the cavern tour. 



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