Ribs at a local Asadero and a trip to the "secret" beach

  • Posted on: 7 August 2016
  • By: adminscubafreedom

We had a Saturday off and decided to do some exploring! We went for some lunch, and then to find the "secret beach" of Playa.

We got some ribs at a nearby local Asadero(grill) Asadero Los Hermanos on Avenida 10 between Calle 48 and 50. We got 1/2 kilo (just over a pound) of costilla (ribs) with all the fixings for 100 pesos!

After that we got some drinks at Oxxo and set off to find the "secret" beach.

After about 30 minutes walking down the beach we made it to the "secret" beach where a cenote flows into the ocean.

Looks like the secret's out?! Haha it was still beautiful, and supposedly it's not nearly as busy if you go on the weekends. There were also a handful of vendors there and people seemed to be getting pretty consistent pizza deliveries, so that's actually nice and convinient! The water on the cenote half of the sandbar is several degrees cooler than the ocean and very refreshing.  Also less salty. It's really interesting to stand on the sandbar and feel warm and then cold water wash over your feet within seconds of each other.

All and all we had a fantastic day all for under $10 U.S.
(P.S. My bright red shoulders recommend you wear sunblock if you go)

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