My favorite Italian cafe that serves Japanese snack!

  • Posted on: 5 September 2017
  • By: adminscubafreedom

I was excited when I found "Onigirazu" on the menu!!
Playa del Carmen has Italian cafe that serves Japanese snack!!


Italian? Japanese???


Yeah, the owners wife is a cute little Japanese lady that's why.
Onigirazu is rice dish similar to sushi in foreign countries ( Authentic Japanese sushi is quite different from the one that is served in different countries). 
But she doesn't use any raw fish in this Onigirazu. Veggie , chicken or Tuna salad  wrapped with rice and Nori seaweed.  Yum!
If you get tired of Tacos, this is great snack!!


Keiko and Ale from Italy.  Very lovely couple.heart

Traditional espresso drinks by this Italian owner are so yummy.
Full of coffe aroma in this cafe.  so relaxing...


This is their drink menu. From the left "Hot drink" " Cold drink" and " Natual Juice" .
You see "$" but don't worry it is not in US dollars of course!
Espresso 25pesos(US$1.50)
Soy milk or Almond milk 5pesos 


Not just coffee drinks. They have yummy Italian sweets such as Tilamisu, sandwiches and  salad. 


They have 2nd floor and no pressure to leave soon. You can stay as long as you want! 


I found some Japanese book and magazines on the book shelf!! 


I always sit at the bar and talk with Keiko for a couple of hours!!!  
It is so nice for me to speak my own language to talk whatever!


Did you know Mexico is the largest producer of certified organic coffee?  
A bag of coffee bean is a great souvenir from Mexico!!
You can buy coffee beans here at this cafe, of course.

A bag of Coffee beans
250g 100pesos
500g 150pesos

If you want some bags of this coffee beans, please let us know when you book your diving tour.
We will contact Keiko and she will get fresh beans ready for you!!


Outside of the cafe

Cafe Italiano  Ale Snack
【Address】Calle 4, between Avenida 10 and 15
【Map】Goggle Map
【Open hour】8:00AM - 6:30PM  Saturdays till 2:00PM



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